When economic times turn turbulent, many people consider moving to a new city and starting again in the hopes that things will be better without the large mortgages they were having trouble paying off. If you're one of these potential migrants, one of the places you might be considering relocating to is Plano, Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas is a popular destination for job seekers and tourists alike, and Plano is one of its wealthiest suburbs. Before you make definite plans involving Plano, browse our website for information on the city and its offerings.

There are currently over 279,000 people living in Plano, which makes it the perfect size for many people looking for a new place to live. It's not overcrowded like nearby Dallas-Fort Worth, and it's not rural like the panhandle region, it's just right. A balance of urbanism and space. It's placed among the 'best places to live'. It habitually ranks among the top ten cities to live in the nation, and its schools continually rank highly as well, making it an excellent choice for any type of family.

The biggest advantage to residents is that Plano is only a short drive from Dallas-Fort Worth, which is a major source of jobs in a broad range of industries. Skilled workers can find jobs as easily as aerospace engineers, business graduates, and computer specialists. Plano isn't just a suburb, however. It's also got a thriving economy in its own right based around the many multinational headquarters offices that are located in town, such as J.C. Penny and Frito-Lay. This is why so many job seekers choose Dallas-Fort Worth and Plano.

Of course you don't want to live in a city that's too hung up on business to have any fun. There's plenty to do after hours in Plano. There are shopping malls, art galleries and museums, fine restaurants, and historic landmarks. There's even a 200 acre nature preserve perfect for hiking, biking, and bird watching. And there are plenty of big ticket attractions in the rest of the Metroplex that are only a short drive or public transit ride away.

As one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area's most affluent suburbs, you will find that when you put up your current home for sale in favor of a Plano home, you'll be trading up. Homes in Plano tend to be larger and better cared for here than in the rest of the Metroplex. You can browse through the pages of Real Estate Plano Texas to learn more about buying real estate in Plano or about the city itself, or you can contact us and we'll connect you with a realtor who can help you secure the home you're looking for.

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