Now that you have made the decision to relocate you will want to check out the availability of jobs that require your specific skills. You may have been a person who installed a pressure fitting, built fences or were formerly a truck driver. Having a job lined up before you move will help immensely ease the commotion of moving to another city. Finding a job in the area that you are qualified for will be much easier than another city in Texas as the unemployment rate in Plano was only about 7.2%. The unemployment rate in the rest of Texas sits closer closer to 8.1%.

As far as your chances of finding a job go, they're pretty good statistically. Things tend to be slightly different depending on whether you sell used equipment or work in a hospital laboratory, but generally speaking it's easier to get a job in Plano than in the rest of Texas or the rest of the United States. Plano's unemployment rate in April of 2015 was only about 7.2%, which is pretty good considering the recession. The state of Texas is hovering around 8.1% and the United States is between 9% and 10% depending on whose statistics you look at. Generally speaking, workers in the service industry and professionals have an easier time making the transition to a new city; however, it should be noted that your field of work may require special licensing in Texas. For example, a home inspector from Savannah may not be able to work in Texas right away, according to the specialist we spoke with at Housemaster Home Inspections.

As far as what sort of job you might find for yourself, that depends on whether you're a man or a woman. Plano's employer's don't discriminate, but the workforce does. Unlike males in other parts of the country, men in Plano don't do much utility services or construction. Instead they tend to work in computer related or office related jobs in the professional and scientific services industry. Other popular industries include computer products, finance and insurance, and broadcasting and telecommunications. Construction ranks after all this.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be found teaching or working with the public in a hospital than designing computer components. Their top industry is education, followed by professional and scientific services and health care. Plenty of women also work in finance and insurance and broadcasting and telecommunications. About equal numbers of men and women work in tourism.

Most of Plano's tourism field is focused on business travelers, because there are so many headquarters offices in Plano that it makes a logical place for people who manage firms to meet for a business conference. Some of the largest employers in Plano, which you might find yourself working for, include the Bank of America, J.C. Penny, HP Enterprise Systems, a Dell Computers subsidiary, the Community Hospital Corporation, and Frito Lay the potato chip maker.

Where can you look at the variety of employment opportunities in Plano? Try - or to begin.

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